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Tango basics

for beginners without previous tango knowledge

The "must" for the Tango Argentino beginner!

How is it managed, how is it accompanied? Couple harmony, quality of movement, walking, hug, axis, step systems and much more. A good foundation makes you want and saves you frustration. There is also a free entry-level package with lots of information about tango.

Our entry-level package
Our free service at the start with lots of information
to the Argentine Tango; CD recommendations, regional tango salons, tango history, voucher for discount when buying tango shoes and and and.

Das Einsteigerpaket mit vielen Infos rund um den Tango
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Course "Basics

8x wedochs, 7-8:30 p.m

€ 128,-  per person, beginn: 08 March

The new course "Basics" will be published here shortly from mid-April

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