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Our lessons
"Tango" is a feeling that we create ourselves when we dance to tango music.
We would like to give you the dancing freedom to interpret this music in a couple. Since the Argentine tango does not have any fixed steps, but is based on the
improvisation skills of the dancers, it is very important to communicate with the partner non-verbally. We teach a modern, elegant salon style as it is danced in the salons of Buenos Aires. In addition to the quality of movement, it is important to us to sharpen listening skills for the music. No Tango is the same in its implementation. We want to make you "fit" for the tango salon, so it is also important to us to treat the dancers with care: the salon etiquette.

Here are some key points of our conception

Empathy, humor and a good course atmosphere

As a rule, our participants start in the beginner courses without tango or
dance experience. We make our "course speed" dependent on the course level.
That means we "pick everyone up where they stand."

Functional and aesthetic quality of movement
Put your inspiration into motion smoothly so that your dance feels good, looks good and is a pleasure for you and others.

Without musicality, everything else is nothing! It is the gateway to the "Tango heaven". You can only enter it with a third party; as a unit with your partner and the music. We help you to understand and interpret tango music and, based on your feeling, to create your dance. From the beginning we dance to Tango, Milonga and Vals.

Improvisation and combinatorics

They give you the freedom you need to express your inspiration. This will open up a new unlimited world of Tango Argentino experience.

Basic elements
We do not teach long chains of figures to memorize, but teach you basic tango movements with which you can design and vary your dance yourself.

Popular characters

But you don't have to reinvent the Tango. In about 110 years of tango dance there are many popular figures emerged that have proven themselves in the tango scene. You can learn the most beautiful and exciting from tradition and the present with us.

You don't have to have all this in your head. It is our conceptual background.

The main thing for you is: The joy of the Tango Argentino!

Course levels and course content

Beginners without previous tango knowledge (basics)
Here you learn the basics of Tango Argentino. So everything you will need for a whole tango life. All you need to do is attend a single basic course. Contents: Tango technique and structure: walking, leading/accompanying, embrace, posture, quality of movement. First figures, basic steps, ochos. Dance to the music.

Basic level (beginners with previous knowledge)
If you have acquired the basics in the basic course, you will go to the basic level. You stay at this level for as long as you can safely carry out the learning content. These include: popular figures for the salon, rhythm & musicality (Vals, Milonga), step variations, simple turns (giros), embellishments (adornos), stops (paradas), close / open embrace (estilo apilado / de salón), salon- etiquette and much more. Now you have a really good foundation.

Intermediate level
Here you expand your tango repertoire significantly with specific tangomoves. These include: change of direction (alteraciónes), barridas, boleos, turns (giros),

ganchos, sacadas, combinations and variations, estilo apilado, embellishments, milonga con traspie, neo-tango, simple colgadas and volcadas, soltadas, dancing on various orchestras / in confined spaces etc.

Are you already an "old hand" and want to complete the art of tango dancing? Here all subjects are taught at a correspondingly higher level: complex rotations, alteraciónes, sacadas, boleos, ganchos, colgadas, volcadas, milonga con traspie, neo-tango.


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