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About us

Pilar Morillas Cámara
Combines elegance and sensuality in a gentle, devoted style.
Her graceful movement ("Gracia") gives her dance authenticity and presence.

Emilio González Roncero
Passionate tango dancer. Pays special attention to expression and dance precision, feeling for rhythm
and dance music interpretation. He dances an expressive and powerful
Salon ("milonguero") style.

We have been dancing and loving Tango Argentino since 1996.
During numerous stays in Buenos Aires we have with the old and new masters
got to know the authentic tango in all its facets. We design our lessons with humor and empathy. Even non-dancers are easily introduced to the tango with our innovative teaching method.

For us, tango is not just a dance, but a way of life.


Our team

Pilar Morillas Càmara

Tango teacher

“My first tango salon in Buenos Aires

- and I lost my heart to the tango "

Emilio González Roncero

Tango teacher

"Tango opened up a whole new world of expression for me"

Barbara Rüst

Tango teacher

"The whole tango culture breathes an intense attitude to life"

Tangoteacher Barbara
Tangolehrer Emilio
Tango Intimo
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